About Us

Emma Cleary’s was started by Karen Sullivan in 2002, named after her grandmother who she had heard many stories about her love of baking.  It was originally just a bakery shop across the street in Stonewell Plaza.

 As her business continued to grow, so did the demand for her to provide more food options.  Soon she was making more than just pastries, and before she knew it, it was time to jump across the street. In 2004, this location opened, and Karen has expanded her menu to include hot and cold lunch sandwiches!

 In 2015, before she sold her business to me, she expanded both the breakfast and lunch menus together while keeping intact all the favorites that her customers have loved for years.  Karen and her husband Chuck are the best people I’ve ever worked for.

 My goal is for this business is to continue to grow in the same way Karen did, by providing more and more of what our customers are asking for.

 While I am excited to share the history of Emma Cleary’s, visit here often to see the next steps we will be taking…

~Brian Farley